Industrial Exterior Lighting

Why Industrial Exterior Lighting is Important

Any business with a physical location needs industrial exterior lighting in order to protect the lot from crime and to facilitate employees conducting their duties. A warehouse of any size requires a lighting array often by law, and upgrades to this system often pay for themselves through increased productivity and safety. Even insurance companies prefer businesses with excellent exterior lighting, because workers are less likely to suffer accidents.

Improving poor visibility is a key reason to consider an upgrade for industrial exterior lighting. Many important activities are conducted outside of the structure in an area that does not well provide ambient light. Warehouses must unload trucks and good lighting can guide drivers and help them avoid obstacles. Unloading crew must also see what they are doing in order to avoid damage to sensitive merchandise.

Warehouses that are far from populated areas have less concern for theft and vandalism, but good lighting can also assist security cameras. While some cameras are able to see in the infrared, a much less expensive and useful option is to choose industrial exterior lighting. Many lights discourage thieves because it increases the visibility of their activities. Vandals will also be discouraged, because they might be identified.

Whenever security guards are asked which devices contribute to the protection of property, they will list lighting alongside a battery of good cameras. Lights suggest an active human presence at a building, even if no one is actually there. Just like automatic lighting can deter criminals, its industrial equivalent can provide a tremendous shock to criminal activity. No one wants to be blinded by multiple spotlights.

On the other hand, industrial exterior lighting does not have to be overhead floodlights. Subtler lights resembling door lights and patio lights can contribute to the beauty of a building while also increasing visibility. Strong lights can brighten the entire surface of a building, which serves both a commercial and a security purpose. Any visibility can be a beacon to prospective customers and to society at large.

Not all businesses are warehouses. Some are small office buildings that try to resemble a home or other comfortable space. An intelligent selection of lights can illuminate the entrance of the building as well as the front parking lot without suggesting employee-designated access. Industrial lighting does not have to appear industrial. A place of business deserves to be attractive thanks to many sizes and strategic placement.

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